First, we ask that you acknowledge JaMM in any presentations or publications resulting from itís use.A suitable acknowldgement would be:


The authors wish to acknowledge Java MicroMagnetics (JaMM) for the micromagnetoelectronics part of this work.JaMM is freely available from


JaMM is public domain code.By downloading this code you are agreeing to any terms and conditions contained on this page.Note that the authors do not guarantee this code to be free of errors and are not legally responsible for any damages that result from itís use.The authors reserve the right to make changes in the code and any and all files that result from itís use without contacting you, the user, prior to those changes.


JaMM requires that a JVM or Java runtime environment (JRE) be loaded. Please consult our java page.PLEASE NOTE:the class files in jamm.jar have been recompiled using java1.5.0 beta2.Unfortunately, jamm.jar is no longer compatible with previous versions of java.To use jamm.jar you MUST download and install jre1.5.0 beta2 from


JoglSEE, which provides 3D representation of the output files requires installation of jogl.Please consult our jogl page.You can obtain 2D representation of the output files using JaSEE, so you can fully analyze the data only using the JRE and requiring no additional downloads.


JaMM currently is composed of six programs that work together: The MessageServer connects the scheduler, JaSCH, to the compute nodes.Input files are built using JaB and the output files are analyzed using JaSEE and JoglSEE.†† There is currently only one compute node program, jamm, for micromagnetic calculations. Please download jamm.jar I am also currently adding Landau-Ginzburg solution to the code so that ferroelectric properties will soon be available and Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) solution of Maxwellís Equations. You should download six separate jar files: JaSCH.jar, MessageServer.jar, jamm.jar, JaB.jar, JoglSEE.jar and JaSEE.jar by clicking on these links.Once you have downloaded these files please consult the installation documentation.


Download: JaSCH.jar, MessageServer.jarjamm.jar, JaB.jar JoglSEE.jar and JaSEE.jar


PLEASE NOTE: The cml file format has changed with this version.Old cml files built using JaB will not work.My apologies for the inconvenience.


These files are current as of August 31, 2004.If you would like to be notified when an update is available please email Dr. Scott L. Whittenburg.