First, we ask that you acknowledge JaTB in any presentations or publications resulting from itís use.A suitable acknowldgement would be:


The authors wish to acknowledge Java TightBinding (JaTB) for itís use in this work.JaTB is freely available from


JaTB is public domain code.By downloading this code you are agreeing to any terms and conditions contained on this page.Note that the authors do not guarantee this code to be free of errors and are not legally responsible for any damages that result from itís use.The authors reserve the right to make changes in the code and any and all files that result from itís use without contacting you, the user, prior to those changes.


JaTB requires that a JVM or Java runtime environment (JRE) be loaded.Please consult our java page.


JaTB is composed of a single program.You should download one jar file: JaTB.jar,by clicking on this link.JaTB should be run directly from the jar file via:


Java Ėjar JaTB.jar


Download: JaTB.jar


These files are current as of July 15, 2002.If you would like to be notified when an update is available please email Dr. Scott L. Whittenburg.