JaMM requires that a JVM or Java runtime environment (JRE) be loaded.  Almost all operating systems now have a JVM loaded automatically, so you probably will not need to download or install a JRE. JaMM no longer requires that Java3D be loaded

   First, download MessageServer.jar and trying running it from the command prompt, i.e. java –jar MessageServer.jar  If the system complains that it cannot find java or one of its components then you will need to download the JRE.  You can get this from www.javasoft.com  Follow the download link on the left side of the javasoft homepage and pull on the Java2 Platform Standard Edition pulldown.  All of the files you will possibly need are in this combobox.  Pull down to J2SE1.4.0 – All platforms and click on the Go button next to the combobox.  In the resulting screen select the JRE for your platform and click on the Download link.  I like to let it install directly on my machine, but if you wish to download the file to your local drive and then install, that works too.  After installing the JRE try the MessageServer command again.  It should now work.

  Once you a sure all of these components are working then choose your installation method as outlined in the Installation guide.