In this tutorial we will see how to visualize the output of JaMM.  We assume that you have already completed the first two tutorials which means you have downloaded the output file from the remote node and stored it on your local machine.  Start JaSEE by typing java –jar JaSEE.jar.  You should see…




The first button opens output files and the final button exits the program.  The other buttons are disabled unless a file has been read. Click on the FileOpen button and select your output file.  The program checks the file and lists all valid cml files in the table.  The various buttons are now enabled.  The buttons from left to right are FileOpen, 2DPlot, PhasePlot, VectorPlot, 3Dplot, Table and Exit. [NOTE: 3Dplot has been removed.  To do 3D visualization check out JoglSEE] Let’s plot the magnetization domain as vectors.  Highlight the file in the table and then click on the VectorPlot button.  The VectorPlotProperties widget appears…



The meanings of the various properties are:



The stride through the list of files currently listed in the main JaSEE widget  A stride of 1 means every file, a stride of 2 is every other file.


Which 2D plane to plot (xy,xz,yz)


Which of several planes to plot.


Property to plot, such as magnetization or torque


Font for labels on axes


The stride through the data to plot.  A stride of 1 means every point is plotted, a stride of 2 means every other data point.


Show vector values using arrows?


Color the background of the plot according to the orientation of the vector?


Show contours of the three-dimensional data?


Scale or size of the arrows


Margin between the top of the plot and the window


Margin between the bottom of the plot and the window


Margin between the left edge of the plot and the window


Margin between the right edge of the plot and the window


Color of the region where the data is plotted


Color of the region outside of region where the data is plotted


Is the xaxis drawn?


Is the yaxis drawn?


Overall width of the plot window


Overall height of the plot window


Type of image file to generate, none, jpeg or png



Finally, click on the Done button.  A new platen appears with a vector plot of the magnetization.




You can play around with most of the settings.  The colorgrid, shown above, is useful for visualizing the orientation of the spins.  The contour plot is not useful for viewing magnetization.  If you choose to save an image file by selecting either jpg or png for the image property the appropriate image file is stored in the directory containing the original cml file.  The name of the image file is the same as the cml file except the extension of the file is either .jpg or .png.