These tutorials are designed to help you get started with JaMM.  Please feel free to contact us about methods you need assistance with or features you’d like added to the program.  Some of the older tutorials have not been redone using the newest versions of JaMM, but they should still be helpful.  I will eventually get around to redoing all of them.


Tutorial1 – Build a simple sample and save to a cml file.


Tutorial2 – Submit a job to a remote node.


Tutorial3 – View magnetization pattern.


Tutorial4 – Build, compute and view the hysteresis of a nickel pillar.


Tutorial5 – Build a triangle using the polygon shape.


Tutorial6 – Mumag Standard Problem #3


Tutorial7 – Mumag Standard Problem #4


Tutorial8 – fmr of nano-size rectangular ferromagnetic stripes (Journal of Applied Physics, 89, 2001, 7012)